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Think Coffee is an independent, hands-on New York City coffee that, since our founding in 2006, has been an industry leader in minimizing our environmental impact and sourcing our coffee as responsibly as possible.  From using compostable products throughout our business to our innovative Social Project Coffee sourcing program, we have continued to demonstrate our commitment to excellence.  We are equally dedicated to helping our coffee partners achieve their highest potential by offering a full range of support services and around the clock care.



We roast all of our coffee by hand in Brooklyn on our environmentally-friendly Loring Kestral S35. We look forward to working with you in person to develop a flavor and roast profile that works for you or sell you one of our existing, excellent offerings.



In-House training at our flagship Mercer Street location. From learning how coffee is produced to creating the perfect cappuccino, we are proud to offer as much support as it takes to make your service perfect.



We have been opening shops since 2006, and have learned a lot about what works, and what doesn’t. Whether you are opening a new café or simply expanding your current service, we want to help you avoid common pitfalls and create an efficient and painless beverage service.


technical support

Our service department can procure, install and maintain a wide variety of coffee and tea brewing equipment. We provide preventive maintenance and have you covered in case of an emergency.


Inquire about a wholesale partnership now.