Social Projects at Origin

active projects



Feminine Hygiene

kellensoo, ethiopia

We have helped reduce school dropouts in Kellensoo, Ethiopia, first by constructing a library replete with school supplies and solar panels and, second, by introducing a consistent supply of feminine hygiene products for young girls so that they can stay in school year round. We’ve done this by partnering with the NGO Days for Girls to teach members of the community in Kellensoo how to make re-usable feminine hygiene kits. Since the beginning of this project, close to 1,000 girls have received feminine hygiene kits and are continuing to attend school. 

Food Security

bella vista, mexico

We have been working with 8 farmers in Bella Vista de Cacahoatan to improve the quality of their coffee so that we can pay them more for their product. Now, we’re hoping to increase food security in the community by turning the fertile land that is not being used for coffee cultivation into farmland for other food crops. This way, the community of Bella Vista will have a consistent and sustainable supply of food and can channel more resources into improving their coffee business. 

Adult Literacy

finca santa isabel, nicaragua

For years, Think has worked with Jaime Lovo, owner of Finca Santa Isabel, to improve living and working conditions for the farmers working there. Our projects have provided farmers with an on-site classroom for the children of workers, on-call medical assistance, free meals, transportation from their distant homes to work, and remodeled worker housing. Most recently, our project has focused on increasing adult literacy among the workers of the farm; Jaime has hired a teacher to provide them with the opportunity to learn basic reading, writing, and math skills. We pay Jaime a premium for his coffee to fund these initiatives on his farm. 


finca santa teresa, nicaragua

Jorge Lagos, owner of Finca Santa Teresa, has been working with us to lessen the effects of deforestation in his local area. Recently, major deforestation projects in the region have had severe consequences for the local community: the area was once lush, but has begun to lose its crucial water supply. In June of 2016, representatives from Think traveled to Nicaragua to help plant 2,000 pine tree saplings in the area of Dipilto, aiding in the revitalization of the local ecosystem. 

Housing Restoration

aponte, colombia

Our newest project will see us working with the community of farmers from Aponte, an Inga preserve that is located directly over a shifting geological fault line. The town is literally falling into the earth; since January of 2016, the local school and church have crumbled, several homes have been destroyed, and 40% of the population has been forced to leave and resettle elsewhere. We are selling the coffee produced here to raise funds to buy building materials- brick, concrete, metal, and roofs- so that the people of Aponte can restore their homes and their community.


past projects


Market Access

gegarang, indonesia

Our project in Indonesia was focused on teaching the 28 farming families of Gegarang about the international coffee market and aid in the establishment of a coffee farming community here. We helped them clean up their mill and understand the global coffee market. The coffee we purchased from them was the first they were able to sell internationally. Having access to international markets helps Gegarang families receive a fair price for their coffee. 

Improving Coffee Processing Methods

matagalpa, nicaragua

We worked with the farmers of the Castellon family by introducing them to the benefits of natural-process coffee, a method in which the fruit dries onto the seed and leaves the coffee with a sweeter and fruitier flavor. They had previously avoided this method because it was expensive to build more drying tables and was too time consuming to process the coffee as needed, especially since they weren't sure that all their coffee was going to sell. We provided them with the Farmer Dividend™ to assist with purchasing the tables and offered to buy all of their coffee so that they would know their labor was a solid investment.

School Supplies

huehuetanango, guatemala

After selling Alejandro Solis’ coffee for several months, we visited him in the mountains of Huehuetanango. His property manager showed us around the farm- it was beautiful, rainforest certified, and living standards for workers were high. While on our visit, the teachers of the local school asked if we could provide them with new school supplies. After selling more of his coffee and raising funds for a project in this community, we were able to provide Alejandro with the money to buy the students their new supplies.