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social project coffee


Our Social Project Coffee sourcing model requires detailed reporting—down to the last brick laid or feminine hygiene kit delivered—of our efforts to make a more sustainable coffee industry.

No industry needs radical transparency more than the coffee industry.  To us, Social Project Coffee is the answer.

Certification models attempt to provide scalable, one-size-fits-all solutions to issues across the coffee growing world. To date, the focus of responsible sourcing (whether Fair Trade or Direct Trade) has been on paying a premium price for coffee. In many cases, however, there is no guarantee that this extra money paid to farm owners (or cooperatives) actually makes its way to the farm laborers, who are the most vulnerable in the coffee supply chain. Certainly there is no clear, direct link between dollars paid for certified coffee in your local shop and helping a particular farm worker—who may be living with dirt floors and a leaky roof.

We developed Social Project Coffee so that there is a clear, direct connection between the coffee in your cup and helping the most vulnerable in the coffee supply chain.


What is Social Project Coffee?

Social Project Coffee is coffee that is sourced based on a direct relationship between purchaser and the farmer/producer where (1) the purchaser pays a premium price for coffee, (2) together the purchaser and farmer/producer use the premium to implement a project at origin that helps farm workers or the nearby community and (3) the results are recorded in detail and made publicly available.  

To date, Think Coffee’s projects have ranged from housing reconstruction to menstrual activism and clean water access.