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As a business, we try to be as flexible and accommodating as possible. In addition to our full line of standard blends and single origins, we are happy to work with you to create a custom product.

Private Labeling

We think that our packaging is absolutely adorable, but also appreciate that you may want to see your own Logo and Artwork on your coffee. We are a small operation, and are easily able to accommodate all of your private labeling needs. We can even consult with you to find the perfect bag, and design artwork that speaks to you and your customers!

Custom Blends

We have years of experience getting the most out of our coffee, and can subtly manipulate blends and roasts to achieve the exact flavor profile you are looking for. Our practiced roastery team will work closely with you from first cupping to distribution to create a product you can truly call your own.


We do all of our roasting by hand right off of the L and G trains in our Williamsburg Cafe. Stop by, and watch our Head Roaster, George, masterfully coax magic out of our responsibly sourced coffee beans.


Environmental Impact

 We roast on a Loring S35 Kestral, a technologically advanced roaster which allows us to precisely control every aspect of the roasting process, and  emits 80% less Greenhouse Gas emissions than other roasters of its size.

To keep our waste to a minimum, all of our coffee is packaged in compostable bags. Specifically, we use Pacific Bags Biotre II, which we believe is the most advanced mass market option available. Everything but the recyclable degassing valve is 100% plant-based and compostable.


Coffee Quality

Coffee quality is important to us. That’s why we work with our farmers to make sure they cultivate their land with respect and care, pick the coffee cherries at the perfect time, and use optimal processing methods for that specific varietal.

We take equal care in our roasting facility. Coffee temperature and moisture is carefully controlled up until the moment we roast it, at which point our high tech machine allows us to precisely control the temperature and movement of the beans during every second of the roasting process.

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We’re particularly proud of our Think Blend, which we think comes as close to being a universal coffee as possible. By carefully mixing the single origin beans we know so well, we have created a medium roast blend with a strong chocolate and hazelnut backbone, and beautiful floral and fruity notes across the tongue. In short, a coffee that gives everyone something to love. Millions of New Yorkers enjoy it as drip coffee and espresso every year, and it just won 2nd Place at the America’s Best Nitro Competition! Try it for yourself to see what the buzz is about!