social project blend

Our Social Project Blend is medium-dark, full-bodied, and satisfying with touches of fruit & chocolate. We adjust the components depending on availability and season. Each component adds its own unique flavor profile and body to create a balanced blend that we love & proudly serve as both a drip coffee and espresso.

All the coffee in our blend is Social Project Coffee. Our current projects address living conditions, women's rights, and water access.

single origin

We also offer our same Social Project Coffees, unblended, to highlight their affiliated projects and their individual tasting characteristics.

know what's in your cup

Photo by Guy Greenberg

resguardo aponte • colombia

housing reconstruction project

• grapefruit & bergamot flavors, acidity•

Jorge with a sapling.

nicaragua • santa isabel

water access  adult literacy  

• tamarind & creamy caramel flavors•

mexico• bellavista

improved harvest quality/market access

•adds nuttiness •


nicaragua • santa teresa

worker housingreforestation

•adds stonefruit flavors• 


kellensoo • ethiopia

feminine hygiene

dark chocolate • cherry• lime