Since our first trip to the village of Kellensoo in 2010, Think has had a relationship with the community there. When we asked community leaders if there was anything that the people of Kellensoo needed that we might be able to provide, they told us that they wanted a new school library and a way to prevent girls who had reached the point of puberty from dropping out of school.

As part of the compensation plan for the green coffee we purchase, we’ve helped them build a library and worked with Days For Girls International to provide the girls of Kellensoo with reusable feminine hygiene products that allow them to continue attending school.

Right now, we are in the process of providing those women with sewing machines and a separate structure to work in, where they plan to start their own business producing the same type of feminine hygiene products for sale and distribution in the surrounding area.

To learn more about our projects in Kellensoo, visit our travel journal.