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Chef George Mendes is the immensely talented culinary artist behind the Michelin Starred Aldea, a lover of great coffee, and a long-time regular at our 6th avenue store.

After learning about our social projects while getting his morning coffee, he reached out to see how he could get involved.  We were incredibly excited to hear from George, and immediately began brainstorming ways we could work together!


The first thing that came to mind for us was that we absolutely had to take advantage of George’s amazing palate, and so we decided to develop a special blend for his restaurant. We rigorously tested dozens of concept blends together, and after a lot of work and a couple of really fun cuppings, the Aldea Blend was born!  


The Aldea Blend is a mixture of our Kellensoo and Aponte single origins. By drawing on the sweet acidity and wild berry notes that we love so much in our naturally processed Ethiopian coffee and balancing them out with the smooth perfection and chocolatey finish of our Colombian beans, we’ve created something truly exceptional. In fact, it ended up being so good we decided that we couldn’t keep it all to ourselves, and we broke our ten-year streak of having only one blend on our shelves.

We’re definitely not done with George yet, especially after how much fun we had working on the blend. Who knows, this time next year we may be in Brazil together?