We are proud to be the first coffee company
in NYC to launch the HuskeeSwap program.

The coffee industry has an enormous problem:  every year as many as 600 billion
coffee cups end up in landfills because the vast majority of hot cups are not recyclable
or compostable.  Over the years, some efforts have been made to reduce this negative
impact. We started using only compostable cups 7 years ago, and many coffee
companies (including ours) offer a travel mug discount.  But clearly these efforts
are not enough. A movement is needed if there’s going to be real change.  


How HuskeeSwap works.

Buy a durable, elegant Huskee cup (made with upcycled coffee husks) at Think Coffee (or any place where Huskee cups are sold).

Bring it back to us after use.

We will exchange it and serve your drink in a fresh, clean cup every time.


HuskeeSwap is the easiest way to get
single-use cups out of your life.  


Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for our customers to consume less. The key was finding a cup that everyone will want to use regularly. The Huskee Cups have a great design, easy to clean and to drink from. Plus, they are made out of an organic byproduct of the coffee milling process, and so are extra eco-friendly.”
Taylor Bloom, Think Coffee Barista, 8th Avenue