Think Blend

Think Blend

from 14.00

Social Project Blend is medium-dark, full-bodied and delicious. Each component adds its own unique flavor profile and body to create a balanced blend that we love are proud to serve as both a drip coffee and espresso.

Every coffee in the blend is Social Project Coffee. This means it's produced by farmers that we work with personally and visit regularly. These relationships result in more than just high quality coffee for our customers. The price that we pay for coffee also supports programs specific to each farming community’s needs. Our partnerships at origin have helped provide feminine hygiene products, build a school, and ensure healthcare for farm workers. This is coffee you can feel good about.

The current Think Blend contains:

  • Colombia, Resguardo Aponte

  • Mexico, Bella Vista

  • Kellensoo, Ethiopia

  • Nicaragua, Santa Teresa

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