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 Great News! Fans of Think Coffee no longer need to come to a cafe to enjoy our delicious drinks and pastries!

We offer a wide range of services to help you bring caffeine to all types of events. Let us keep your wedding party going longer, keep your coworkers focused through a big meeting, or just add that special touch to your event.

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Cart Services

They say you can’t have it all… but they haven’t seen our new Think Coffee Cart. With the full service offerings of a brick and mortar coffee shop packed into a sleek and classy custom-built cart, we think we’ve gotten pretty close. From espresso drinks, to drip coffee, to cold brew, nitro, and other special beverages, we can accommodate any event of any size.

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Urn Services

Want Think Coffee without a show? Fine with us. We can deliver delicious hot coffee or nitro to your event. We even include a knowledgeable employee to serve drinks if you would like.

Pricing depends on your event, please email or call 917-655-0012 with questions or to request a quote.