feel good about your coffee

distributing building materials in La Cofradilla, Yalagüina, Nicaragua. March 2017.

We created Social Project Coffee because we know that it is a challenge to understand if your purchasing decisions make a positive impact in the world.  Companies of different stripes, in the coffee business or elsewhere, make claims that they are “sustainable” or “earth-conscious” or “fair” and that you should buy from them because of this.  To us, though, the devil is in the detail – or, rather, the good is in the detail.

Social Project Coffee is based on the idea that it is the efforts we make every day to help farm workers or their communities that make the biggest difference.  Claims by coffee roasters of paying prices above market are nice, but the higher prices paid for quality coffee – and marketed by roasters as a social good – often end up in the pockets of landed farmers who may or may not share their wealth with those who really need it.  It is the details, not the blanket proclamations, where the important work is done.

We launched socialprojectcoffee.com so you can see where your dollars go & how your purchase supports real projects at origin that help farm workers or their communities.

And not just some of the time.  More than 98% of what we roast is Social Project Coffee.

We hope you find that our coffee tastes just a little better knowing that, with nearly every purchase, you support projects like housing reconstruction in Colombia, feminine hygiene in Ethiopia, or clean water access in Nicaragua.  

If you have any questions about Social Project Coffee, feel free to write info@thinkcoffee.com.  We are happy to talk.

In the meantime, please check out our Social Project website here.