Aponte, Colombia

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Aponte, Colombia


Aponte, Columbia is a sacred place that has for centuries been home to the Inga, close descendants of the Ancient Inca. Unfortunately, in early 2016, many Inga homes started to collapse due to geological shifts along the nearby fault line.

To mitigate the effects of this disaster, we have embarked on a project to rebuild the homes of 20 of our coffee growing families, committing a minimum of 50 cents per pound of Aponte coffee we sell to the effort.

As pioneers of Social Project Coffee, we not only get to know our farmers personally, we also develop projects with them at origin that empower farm workers or support the nearby community. 

bergamot orange • silky texture • grapefruit sensations

300g, 2100+ MASL

Verified by Noah Welch and Enrique Hernandez.

Roasted by Red House Roasters

Brewing instructions can be found here

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