Social Project Coffee

Since our founding more than ten years ago, Think Coffee has always taken great pride in sourcing our coffee as responsibly as possible.  Today our team of coffee professionals constantly travels to origin to get to know our farmer-partners and to understand their concerns.  Together we develop a project at origin that empowers farm workers or the neighboring community. In a typical transaction, we pay our farmer-partners a premium for their coffee in exchange for their participation in the project. 

We call the coffee that is harvested and sold to us based on that relationship “Social Project Coffee.” 

Nearly all of our coffee supports a project at origin. Recent examples include:

  • Feminine Hygiene in Kellensoo, Ethiopia
  • Food Security in Bella Vista, Mexico
  • Adult Literacy in Santa Teresa, Nicaragua
  • Reforestation in Santa Isabel, Nicaragua.

Read more about our social projects at origin here

Giving Back to Our Community

We donate 10% of our after-tax profits from each of our stores to a nonprofit in that store's neighborhood that engages and improves our community by providing services to low-income families including daycare, early childhood education and programs for inner-city youth, teens and seniors.

For our locations on the east side of Manhattan we donate to Grand Street Settlement. For our westside locations we donate to Hudson Guild.

Reducing Our Environmental Impact

All of the cups, lids, utensils and packaging that we serve you are compostable. If you dispose of any of it at a Think, it gets picked up and taken to a nearby facility where it is turned into beneficial compost. Most big coffee chains use cups and lids that are petroleum based and end up as landfill (yes, even the paper cups have a lining that prevents them from being recycled or composted!). 

At origin, we work closely with our farmers and their local agronomists to make sure that the land is healthy. We do not allow chemicals into your coffee. We study watershed to understand runoff and ensure the cleanliness of the water supply to surrounding communities. To read more about our specific environmental achievements, visit our blend page.