think blend


Think Blend is medium-dark, full-bodied and delicious. We adjust the coffees in it depending on availability and season to achieve a similar flavor profile throughout the year. Each component adds its own unique flavor profile and body to create a balanced blend that we love are proud to serve as both a drip coffee and espresso.

All the coffee in our blend is Social Project Coffee. This begins with a direct trading relationship between us and the farmer.  Together we then invest in a development project to empower farm workers or the neighboring community.  Our current projects address living & labor conditions, nutrition, medical care, education, women's rights, and climate change. 

You can find brewing instructions here.

At the moment, our blend has three components.

what's in your cup?

kellensoo • ethiopia

dark chocolate • cherry• lime

We partnered with the NGO Days for Girls, an organization which provides rural areas with a secure supply of feminine hygiene products by teaching members of those communities to make their own reusable feminine hygiene kits. In 2014, 760 girls received reusable pad kits and have continued to attend school. These girls formed the Kellensoo Girls’ Club with the goal of making and distributing more kits to neighboring villages so that young girls there can also stay in school. By January of 2016, the number of girls who have received pad kits was nearly 1,000. 

Photo by Guy Greenberg

resguardo aponte • colombia

housing project

In 2016 many homes in Aponte started to collapse due to geological shifts. We have embarked on a project to rebuild the homes of 21 of our coffee growing families.

• adds grapefruit and the sensation of drinking chocolate •

Jorge with a sapling.

nicaragua • santa isabel

adult literacy • improve working conditions

Since he began to work with us in 2012, Don Jaime Lovo has transformed his farm from a substandard working environment into a wonderful working and living space where workers receive higher than average wages and have access to an on-site school, regularly delivered fresh produce, and sports fields.  

•adds stonefruit and creamy caramel•

noah and epifanio in mexico.jpg

mexico• bellavista

permaculture • improve harvest quality

In Bella Vista we help improve the quality of a farming community's product so that we can pay them more for their coffee. The eight farming families that we work with have installed new drying patios and begun harvesting only fully ripe fruit. In turn, we pay a higher than average price in installments throughout the year.

•adds nuttiness and body•

single source coffees


Each of these coffees is sourced from the smallest geographic area possible, either from a single farm or cooperative. Our selection rotates throughout the year based on availability and quality. Roasted in small batches to accentuate their individual characteristics rather than to fit into a blend, each offers its own unique flavor profile and mouth feel.  We brew these by the 12 oz cup in our cafes, and sell them whole bean in store and online for you to take home and enjoy.

Cupping in Bellavista

Cupping in Bellavista

mexico • bellavista

peaches • milk chocolate • honey

We work with 8 families to improve coffee quality through education. Through our Social Project, the "8" produce great coffee for nearly double the market price from us, which has improved the economic well-being of the community. 



Jaime Lovo

Jaime Lovo

nicaragua • santa isabel

honeylike body with subtle tamarind notes

In rural Nicaragua, drinking water is often drawn from open wells. Unfortunately, an open well means that animals, insects and parasites can contaminate the water and cause illness, especially in children. 

This year, we are working with farm owner Jaime Lovo to cover open wells across three communities where his workers live during the off-season. Each well will have a sealed top and provide 30 people with access to clean water. 

Our projects with Jaime in the past have included adult literacy and education and improved worker conditions. 



Jorge Lagos

Jorge Lagos

nicaragua • santa teresa

winey • stonefruit • silky caramel

From Finca Santa Teresa in Dipilto

Together with Jorge Lagos, we’ve begun a project to reforest the Dipilto-Jalapa mountain range. 

The area has become been negatively affected by logging - to the point at which Dipilto and neighboring regions have begun to lose their crucial water supply. As a part of our purchase, we are reforesting around town. This year we planted 2000 pine trees. We will continue to do so for years to come.

Supplies for building houses. 

Supplies for building houses. 

resguardo aponte • colombia

bergamot orange • silky texture • grapefruit sensations

Aponte, Colombia is a sacred place that has for centuries been home to the Inga, close descendants of the Ancient Inca. Unfortunately, in early 2016, many Inga homes started to collapse due to geological shifts along the nearby fault line. 

To mitigate the effects of this disaster, we have embarked on a project to rebuild the homes of 21 of our coffee growing families, committing a minimum of 50 cents per pound of Aponte coffee we sell to the effort.

As pioneers of Social Project Coffee, we not only get to know our farmers personally, we also develop projects with them at origin that empower farm workers or support the nearby community.

kellensoo • ethiopia

dark chocolate • cherry• lime

This coffee is part of an ambitious Think Coffee project to equip a library and supply electricity, computers and feminine health education to a school in the village. 

In Kellensoo, coffee is the primary source of hard currency needed to buy school supplies, clothing and pay for medical services. It plays a vital role in the community.