Our Mission:


It is our goal to conduct our business ethically and sustainably, to be respectful and socially conscious in all of our practices. We take it upon ourselves to source our coffee transparently and cooperatively, to respect our environment, and to be active members of our New York city community.


About Think Coffee

Think Coffee was founded in 2006, when we opened our first store at 248 Mercer Street, in New York City's lower west side. Since then, we have committed ourselves to conducting our business ethically and transparently:


At Home: We believe that our stores help create communal, diverse, and safe spaces. In an effort to extend this spirit of community beyond our doors, we donate 10% of our stores profits to Grand Street Settlement and Hudson Guild. These organizations run programs for children, teens, and the elderly in the Lower East Side and Chelsea neighborhoods of New York City. 


At Origin: We believe in transparency and partnership in our coffee sourcing, and want our presence abroad to reflect those values. We take it upon ourselves to travel to origin to locate farmers we want to work with. Our relationships with them are direct and equal, and we work together with them to implement a social project that benefits farm workers or their communities. We are calling this method of sourcing Social Project Coffee, and over time have addressed issues like women's empowerment, worker's rights, adult education, and climate change. 

Read more about Social Project Coffee here.


Our environment: We are aware of the negative impact businesses can have on our natural environment. To lessen our footprint, we use compostable paper products, which do not have a petroleum lining and do not end up as landfill. If you dispose of them in one of our stores, they are picked up and taken to a nearby facility where they are processed and turned into compost. While more expensive than using non-compostable cups, we feel it is important to take the extra care to ensure that our business is as respectful of the environment as possible.